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Well, Taiwanese spiders the size of my hand have fur, so the title is not misleading. Also, “Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder”.

IMG_3878Dxo IMG_3890Dxo

This is 龍潭湖. In Pinyin it should be something  like Longtan Lake, which sounds incredibly similar to “Dragon Soup lake”. I’ve been told many times that it has a different meaning, but I still, and always will, call it “Dragon Soup Lake”.

IMG_3858Dxo IMG_3863Dxo

It’s a nice lake between Jiaoxi and Yilan city, not as crowded as Plum Blossom Lake in southern Yilan. The area is filled with many varieties of birds and bird-sized spiders. There are not many things to do, but it’s very nice for a pic-nic and a nice walk under the trees.

Bonus pic:


Sunset from my balcony.