Another quick trip to Taipei, another old lens enjoying a day out.


This time it’s the Canon 28-80 f3.5/5.6 mkV, the “newest” version of the 28-80 lens from Canon, released in 1999.


I find the range to be quite useful, and straight out of camera the images look much better than the 90-300. Very little post-processing was required on these images, just a tad bit of contrast and clarity.


Same image as the previous one, I liked both the B&W tones and the contrasting colors, so I decided to keep both versions.

IMG_6870Dxo IMG_6869Dxo

It focuses really close too! Far from being a macro lens, but for some close up shots of flowers or other small things this lens works perfectly.

For the asking price of around 20$, I’m pretty happy with this. Now I have a cheap setup that I can bring with me and cover 28-300mm. The 28-80 and 90-300 are far from being good lenses by 2016 standards, but it’s hard to cover 28-300mm for roughly 50$ in different ways. I might have been able to save a little bit more by hunting for older models, but the deals that I got were pretty good already. Current generation lenses (24-70 f4, 70-300 IS are the closest comparisons) require more than 1300$ new, I’ll give them a pass even if they offer much better performance.

I do have plans to buy some expensive lenses, though. First on my wishlist is the new 16-35 F4, it costs close to 900$ here in Taiwan, gotta save some cash for that.