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I went full “tourist mode” on my small trip to the Penghu Islands, and took many snapshots here and there. Some images are HDR and will require a bit more post processing, so I’ll post them at a later date.

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These islands are located to the West of Taiwan and can be reached either by plane or boat. I opted for the boat because I really enjoy it, but on the way to Penghu a lot of people started to feel dizzy and filled many bags of…you know what I mean. I’m glad I don’t have that kind of issue.IMG_7469Dxo IMG_7547Dxo IMG_7548Dxo IMG_7550Dxo

This is the famous “double heart”, a structure built by a couple of brothers. IMG_7582Dxo

Little Taiwan!IMG_7583Dxo

That rock formation looks so much like an aerial view of Taiwan, no wonder many people stop by to take a picture of it.IMG_7591Dxo IMG_7593Dxo IMG_7602DxoIMG_7612Dxo

Not much wildlife here, mostly birds and…goats.


Here’s the smallest lighthouse of Taiwan, it’s so tiny!IMG_7636Dxo

And when you don’t have a macro lens, you need to use whatever you can..took this shot with an ultrawide angle lens at 17mm, my camera was just few centimeters away from that mantis.IMG_7682Dxo

And here’s the rainbow bridge:IMG_7689Dxo

I took a few long exposures of the bridge, unfortunately the sun was covered by some clouds and images didn’t turn out the way I was hoping for.

Tomorro: next set of images!