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Here’s the second round of images from my trip to Penghu islands. I’ve recently learned that they’re often called “Pescadores islands”, which is interesting for me because it’s a name that I’ve heard when I was a child and always wondered where those islands were. Now I know it!IMG_7383Dxo IMG_7400Dxo

Now, if you ever shot birds in flight you’ll probably think that these two images were pretty bad, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I’m very proud of them though, because it was my first time ever to shoot reasonably sharp images of birds in flight with my 6D, all previous attempts failed horribly. I should really get a better lens though, the old 90-300mm is ok as a 25$ backup but it definitely performs poorly on modern cameras. I’m really hoping the rumored 70-300mm lens that Canon should announce in August will be reasonably priced.IMG_7429Dxo

Penghu islands, Qimei in particular, have a military base. For the first time ever I had the chance to see a destroyer in person, pretty cool!IMG_7434Dxo IMG_7456Dxo IMG_7459Dxo

Here I just liked the vertical reflection of that column in the water.


I like this wall’s life advice:IMG_7482Dxo

Here’s a single image of the Sheraton hotel. I took some HDR pics as well, but require a bit more time to postprocess.IMG_7490Dxo

The Big Bridge. It’s called like that because it’s a bridge, and it’s big. IMG_7646Dxo

That lady jumped so many times in front of her friends, I really wonder if eventually they managed to get the right shot.

On Flickr I’ve already uploaded one of my HDR images from the trip, a temple. For a few more shots I’ll need a couple of extra days.

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