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No pictures today!

I’m in the process of revonating my cycling setup. I used to have a TCR and a Defy, a couple of great Giant bikes. They’re both road bikes though, and this led to too much overlap. I was planning to use the TCR as my daily bike, then buy a more expensive carbon frame later on. Last year I found an amazing deal on a second hand Defy, and that changed my plan. Not only have I learned that the M size (the Defy) fits me much better than the M/L (which is the size of the TCR), but I’ve also started to think that the Defy is a much better “all around” bike for my needs. I bought a nice set of Shimano wheels to replace the “not so great” stock Giant wheels and that bike now works great for training, touring, commuting…anything, really. Sure, I’d love to invest some money and make it a bit lighter, but that’s not my priority.

I’ve recently sold the TCR, and I plan to replace it in the coming weeks with comething completely different. My idea is to get a mountain bike, probably a Giant Atx. This would allow me to use the Defy on regular roads, and jump on the Atx for those rough countryside areas that I find here in Taiwan.

For long touring…uhm…I have no idea yet. I know many people who tour on road bikes, but I also know just as many who prefer a MTB. I guess I’ll find out?

I’m having a few busy days, hopefully next week I’ll have some spare time to visit a couple of interesting locations and take some more pics.

Meanwhile, here’s the mandatory link to my GoFundMe project: https://www.gofundme.com/2czw6wqk

So far I received a donation from an old friend, and someone donated his Minipro tripod to me. It’s a great start, but I really hope to find more people who could chime in and contribute towards my project. If you can’t please share it with your friends!