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My new travel-tripod is here, in all his glory!IMG_7734DxO-2

I’ve been looking for a long time for a light but sturdy tripod. My regular Fotopro tripod is amazing but so, sooo heavy. Cycling and hiking while carrying it on my back is a pain.

There are some fairly light options out there, especially for tripods made of carbon fiber. Their prices, though…not going to happen.

This tripod is part of the gear that I’ll need for my Cycling Photobook of Taiwan: https://www.gofundme.com/2czw6wqk

The next piece of kit will be a mirrorless camera, probably an Olympus E-M10mkII. A mirrorless camera, a couple of lightweight lenses and the Minipro will be an amazing yet compact kit that I’ll be able to carry with me anywhere.

How big is the Minipro? Here it is, next to my regular tripod:


So cute *_*

The legs are extendable (a tiny bit). Since most of the time that I use the tripod I set it up really low on the ground I thought that the really low profile of the Minipro shouldn’t be an issue.

I was positively surprised by the fact that Minipro’s head is very similar to the one on my regular tripod, very sturdy and easy to adjust. I can easily use it with my current camera, the 6D. Even with my heaviest lens I’m still well below the Minipro’s limit weight. Of course, 6D + lenses + Minipro is still a kit that will force me to carry my photography specific backpack, while E-M10mkII + 2 lenses + Minipro is something that I could carry inside any padded backpack.

During the next few days I’ll try to test it at my local park, and if the weather helps I may have a quick trip to Shinliao waterfall.

On a side note: I reached the 3gb limit for WordPress, so in order to upload new images I’ll have do delete old ones :/