One thing that I enjoy to do is to grow plants from seeds. My balcony is full of small plants of lemon, limes, chilli and others that I started to grow since they were just seeds.

Some of my recent additions:



Sweet Potato

I don’t have high hopes for the Mango. I’ve managed to grow it many times in the past, but Yilan is too cold and humid in Winter and the small plants always die. No one grows Mango trees here, but since Winter is still far away I hope it will grow strong enough to spend the colder months inside home.

Papaya is a newcomer for me, I’ve just happened to throw a couple of seeds in a vase and after a couple of weeks I found two tiny plants growing up! Plenty of people grow Papayas here, so hopefully they’ll settle well in my balcony.

I also threw some sweet potatoes in a vase, and almost instantly they started to grow leaves. That’s really cool, I love eating sweet potato leaves, they’re really nice!

This was also a good occasion for me to test a new lens that I got recently. My original plan was to head to the local park, but I have some strong sunburn on my shoulders and today the sun was scorhing hot, so I gave it a pass.

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