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Wai Ao beach - 外澳

Ok, I should really stop going to Waiao in the morning, taking pictures of surfers while they the sun mostly behind them is a pain.

Wai Ao beach - 外澳

The options are:

a) The surfers is well exposed, everything else is blown out

b) Everything else is well exposed, the surfer is way under exposed

This results in a lot of time spent on the computer trying to raise the shadows and bring back some details on the surfers front.

Wai Ao beach - 外澳

Wai Ao beach - 外澳

Wai Ao beach - 外澳

It’s fun nonetheless. I could spend hours watching people surfing. I find enjoyement both in those who succeed riding a wave for a while, as well as from those who fail immediatly, capsizing in odd ways and throwing their board in the air. Shcadenfreude, maybe?

Anyway, I was glad to find that my Olympus E-M10mkII does a fine job focusing on surfers, even when they’re moving fairly fast. I’ll probably need a longer lens beacuse most of these images were cropped, some pretty heavily.


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Hiking time!

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