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Zombie Pirate

I’m planning to setup a small studio in my home. Playing with portraits and light is fun!

Yesterday I placed some of my Lego minifigures (I have tons of them) on my table and using just the light of my table lamp I tried to mimic the look of those cool low key portraits. Unfortunately Lego minifigures have flat (cylyndrical?) faces, so they mostly don’t work. BUT…..the Pirate Zombie! He has a thick beard that adds depth to the face, and the hat is tridimensional as well.

The main issue I’ve had with this pic, as well as with those that I decided to discard, was the light. The idea of low key lightning is to place a light on a side of the subject and position it depending on the angle that fits the best. Unfortunately the cylindrical face and plastic materials of Lego minifigures reflect direct light in a very harsh way. My table lamp cannot adjust intensity, so I was a bit stuck. I would have liked to use a more direct light, but I’ll have to find a cloth that will work as a diffuser.

I think most of my Star Wars Lego minifigures should work well for this style of shooting. Their helmets have a lot of texture.

The best part of this: I can take these pictures on the table next to my computer while I’m doing other things! Win-win!

It’s also a way to play witht he macro function of my Olympus 12-50mm lens. Fun lens.