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Denon AH-D1000

These are the Denon AH-D1000. While I have some doubts regarding their durability due to a few awkward design choices, they’ve been solid so far.

As a not-too-expensive pair of closed headphones they’re not too shabby. Not the most impressive bass out there, but fairly good highs.

Canon Eos Kiss 3

Yesterday I posted the pic of the first Eos Kiss, and here’s her younger sister, the Kiss 3. Unfortunately I don’t have the second model, so part of their family is missing.

Kopaka 2015

Lego miniatures are a very recurring theme for me. This is a Bionicle, they’re fairly large miniatures and work really well to display. They have a lot of “posability’ (is that a word?), and when I want to move them around I try to experiment with different poses depending on their new location.

Getting a softbox to setup at home was really a great and inexpensive way to enjoy a different style of photography for me.