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We’re no strangers to typhoons in Taiwan. The island is hit by several typhoons each year, and damage (especially in terms of lost lifes or property) is usually moderate. Farmers are not of the same opinion of course, as each typhoon can cause extreme damage to crops.

Typhoon Meranti is set to pass just South of Taiwan during the night, so only the Southern tip of the island will be influenced by it.

This is a typhoon that I’m very glad we dodged. Most forecast models started by ranking it as a potential category 3. Those estimates turned out to be completely wrong. Meranti kept groing and some of its recording rank it as one of the most powerful typhoons of the last 50 years. It even surpassed the dreaded typhoon Hayan, which caused massive damage just few years ago.

No matter how “hardened” the island can be, a typhoon of this strength making direct landfall could have lead to really serious damage. I’m very glad especially for the Southern region of Taidong, which earlier this year got hit by Nepartak and was definitely not looking forward to a second round.

Meranti will drop a metric ton of water in the Southern regions of the island nonetheless, but it looks like the worst have been avoided.

Living in Yilan (North_east) we should be unaffected by the typhoon, with just some extra wind and rain. I’ll probably use the day of bad weather to work on a couple of lens reviews, I’ll need some time to write about them.

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