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Yilan by Night

Yilan by Night

The Middle Autumn festival in Taiwan is a celebration during which everyon spends time around a barbeque. Today I’ve had the chance to attend a bbq party on the mountains, and when the sky turned completely dark I was able to take some pics.

Luckily the foll Moon was hiding behind the clouds, it would have been very difficult to take some pictures with a light bulb in the middle of the dark sky. The first images was a bit too bright with the Moon just barely showing behind the clouds.

Typhoon Meranti left causing no problems in our region, but during the weekend typhoon Malakas will be approaching very close to us. Tomorrow I’ll have to buy some extra beer.

I’m still very short on my GoFundMe project: https://www.gofundme.com/2czw6wqk so nay help sharing it will be hugely appreciated.