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Anothery typhoon, yay!

It has been an interesting summer for sure. Last year our region of Yilan was hit by two extremely powerful typhoons, Saudelor and Duhuan. This year has been mostly uneventful so far (at least for us), but now, almost on the same day as Duhuan last year, we need to get ready to welcome Megi.

Earlier forecast to head in direction of southern Taiwan, it will make landfall in Hualien, just south of Yilan. This means we’ll very likely get the worst of it, both in terms of wind and rain.

Being home in a concrete building is the safest place to be during a typhoon, but it’s an annoying event nonetheless. Damage from wind and flooding are the immediate problems, and our living room became a lake during typhoon Saudelor last year. Then there are the effects on agriculture. This year prices for vegetables and fruit have been terrible, due to the frequent typhoons effecting south Taiwan (our main source of green stuff), and a typhoon damaging the local crops is going to be really, really annoying.

Anyway, the firdge is full of beer, I have vodka and ice, and there’s also some japanese style rice wine, so I guess I’ll get through this just fine.

No new pictures yet, feelsbadman

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