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日月潭 - Sun Moon Lake

I’ve had a quick trip to the Western side of Taiwan, and I was finally blessed with soem good weather.

I’ve been to Sun Moon lake twice in the past, and the weather had always been dreadful.

日月潭 - Sun Moon Lake

I’ve managed to see that area with some sunlight, hooray!

日月潭 - Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon lake is a very famous tourist location. There are many temples, hiking paths, restaurants, cycling routes etc etc.

It’s a lake in the middle of the mountains, and it takes quite some time to get there. Planning the trip during October was fairly risky weather-wise, but this time everything went just fine.

日月潭 - Sun Moon Lake

My trip was not limited to just Sun Moon lake, I’ve visited other locations as well. I’ll share those images in separate posts as I took quite a lot of images and I don’t want to create a single massive entry with tons of images that may take too long to load.

Stay tuned for more images!

All shot with Olympus E-M10mkII, head on to Flickr for exif files and lens details.

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