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Kai has a very unique style and personality. Love him or hate him, he was the main reason (along with his sidekick Lok) that Digital Rev’s Youtube Channel became one of the biggest photography channels on Youtube. While some people disliked his humor, it was always a fresh of breath air compared to the countless “unboxing review” videos that plagued Youtube. “Here’s the camera I bought…let me open the box…oh, there’s a camera in the box, and also a charger. Yeas, it’s a good camera, 9/10 I’d reccommend”. GODDAMMIT.

While Digital Rev’s reviews have never been as in-depth as those from Ephotozine or The Digital Picture, they offered a good overview of any new major release, while offering some entertainment as well. I’ve always found that approach to be ideal for Youtube, because I don’t need a person to read a spec list sheet on a video, or to show me some charts that I can find online by myself in 5 seconds.

When Kai temporarily moved to the UK a few months ago, their Hong Kong based team lost a bit of its charm, even though the new team of Lok, Warren and Ian is still very enjoyable to watch.

Now Kai left Digital Rev after 7 years to start working as a content producer by himself.

Even though I’ve never met him, he’s been a very familiar face in my Youtube page for many years now, and it will always feel awkward to no longer see his face showing up in the Digital Rev channel.

I wish him all the best for his future project.

Kai, may the light of the trolley-pushing ladies be always upon you.