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New project!

Welcome to my first “Phlog”, a “Photography vlog” that I’ll prepare during each of my small trips in order to show some of the locations where I go, as well as the pictures themselves. It will also serve me as a way to practice videomaking, because as you can tell from the shaky video I’m much more inclined to photography than videography.

In this video I show the trip from Yilan county to Taipei city, some of the locations where I took pictures during the day as well as the trip back home at night.

My Canon 6D is not a well renown camera for video, and combined with the fact that I have zero experience resulted in the shaky video. I’ve just bought a lense with image stabilization, that should help.

All images are available on the following Flickr album:


It would be interesting to see if someone can guess my second favorite image of the day. My favorite one is the shot in the metro that I’m using as featured image, but what about #2?