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I got tired of trying to make timelapse videos with my GoPro. I cannot zoom, cannot review the image, cannot change any settings, cannot check framing…too much hit or miss involved.

So I decided to try with my 6D. I’ve been using the custom firmware Magic Lantern for a long time but I’ve never tried the intervalometer before. It worked perfectly, but I had a couple of issues:

a) I thought the first battery was full but it wasnt, so I missed a good 30 minutes of shooting before I noticed that and went outside to change it

b) I forgot to switch the shooting format to jpg. I took all images as RAW files.

The second mistake was the worst because the SD card filled itself HOURS before I expected. As a result I missed the later part of the afternoon. Not a huge deal as the sky looked quite boring at that time, but annoying nonetheless.

It was a good way to test the camera in its unofficial timelapse mode. Next time I’ll just have to remember the basics: charge the battery and check the memory card.