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We’ve had grey skies for over a week in Yilan, which is not very surprising. In Winter the sky looks like a grey blob for the vast majority of time.

What was actually surprising was today’s weather. As soon as I opened the windows I decided to throw my camera in the balcony and set it up to capture a timelapse in order to show the differences in just 12/16 hours. The temperature went up by a few degrees, to the point that riding the bicycle I had to take off my jacket because I was starting to sweat. During the last few days we dropped below 10 degrees Celsius, so such a warm sunny day was definitely welcome, though unexpected.

In related news, tomorrow I’ll have a shopping trip to Taipei. The weather is supposed to be sunny for the whole day, which would be amazing for me as I expect to visit a new area of the city and plan to carry the camera with me. My last trip to Taipei turned out to be rather boring due to some really bad eather.

Fingers crossed!

Ps: my camera doesn’t have an automatic timelapse mode, so this video (as well as my other timelapses) is made with hundreds of pictures combined in Windows Movie Maker.