Holy cow, what a week. I was planning to prepare a third phlog (for new readers: a photo-video-blog), but some weird weather and a busier-than-expected day made me change my plans.

Then last week I was hired to shoot a wedding backstage. I usually shoot architecture, interiors and public events so a wedding backstage was a new experience for me. Holy cow, it took forever.

Meet in the early morning and start taking pictures during the makeup/dressing process, then move around the whole region to shoot in different locations at various time of the day… When I got back home it was night time.

Sakura on the hills

Luckily that couple picked THE ONLY DAY of good weather in weeks. Everything was very smooth, just took much longer than what i’m used to. When I shoot apartyments/homes for sale or rent I need 2 hours, 3 at the most. Nearly 9 hours fooling around under the sun turned out to be fairly painful.

I may post some pics from the wedding backstage, but only after providing them to the couple of course. They’re not 100% ready yet.

The two images in this post are a detail from a local temple and some happy Sakura trees on the nearby hills.