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There are (well,were…) two lenses that I’ve always had on my wishlist ever since I started using a Canon camera: the 135mm f2 L and the 200m f2.8 L.

While the former is a long time favorite of many and easy to find everywhere, the latter is a bit trickier to find, especially second hand.

I’ve been browsing Facebook groups for years. Buying and selling photography gear definitely helped my wallet, but I had never managed to spot a 200mm f2.8 L. Until last week!

A seller put one up at a very good price and I was lucky enough to be the first one to contact him. I managed to ben on that Facebook group just minutes after he opened the ad.

I have to admit 200mm is definitely not a walkaround friendly focal length. I knew this from the get go, I plan to use this lens mainly for portraits and low light shooting, but I definitely enjoyed spending a few minutes strolling around.

The biggest surprise for me was the the fact that even though this is a fairly old lens, it looked as new. Not a scratch, no sign of wear and a perfect front element thanks to a protection filter. I could make a decent profit from this lens, but I don’t think I’ll get rid of her anytime soon.