I’ve not posted more pics of my trip to Okinawa in a while. The reason is that I still have to process some images that require a bit of care and I want to make sure I have enough time to focus on them.

Yesterday I went to Longtan lake and carried my camera with me, hoping I may be able to take some nice shots of birds, spiders, turtles etc.

I’ve had a good time and took nearly 100 images. Some of them were pretty good, I was extremely excited about two in particular: a bird in flight that I managed to shoot  at 1/4000th of a second in a very interesting mid-air pose, and a monstrous spider the size of my hand.

As usual, as soon as I got home I copied the images on my pc to have a back up and…SD got corrupted. All images are lost.


Fun fact: it happened to my best SD card. I have a bunch of cheap Transcend cards that I’ve been using for years with no hiccups, while my Sandisk Pro SD card just gave me the finger. Glad it didn’t  happen to the pics of Okinawa, it would have been insane.

Anyway, I hope this coming weekend to upload some new stuff from Japan.