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The location of this shot is the Sport Park. The picture was taken around 3pm, then I spent the following 2 hours hoping the sky would stay clear in order to let me get this same shot with sunset behind the tree…nope, grey clouds of doom approached the horizon 30 minutes before the sunset and completely covered it.

The title “No Thirds” refers to the fact that many photographers consider the “rule of thirds” to be an absolute that has to be followed at all cost. Personally, I think that placing the main subject of our pictures slightly off center can often produce a better result, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time. In this case placing the tree right in the center collects all the attention on it: the wooden bridge leading there, the central position of the tree, the lighter shading of the sky (that comes from the Hdr) and the fact that in the rest of the picture there’s nothing else that clearly attracts the viewer’s attention. It all leads to put the focus on the main subject.